Trade Services Planned and programmed maintenance as well as ad hoc repairs across all the major trades including carpentry, joinery, electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting, HVAC and fire protection trades.
Security & CCTV Installation and Monitoring Security guards at commercial, industrial, hospitality, events and office environments, mobile patrols, fixed and mobile video surveillance, intruder alarm and CCTV installation and monitoring.
Gardening & Landscaping Garden planning, plant selection, planting, care and maintenance through to large scale landscaping services including engineered solutions, retaining walls and irrigation solutions.
Cleaning & Waste Small, medium or large skilled cleaning teams for commercial, industrial, hospitality and office, bathroom care, hygiene services, end of trip care, carpet care, flooring maintenance, window cleaning, pressure washing, pest control and waste management services.trades.
Specialist Contractors Specialist trades and individuals with niche skills across various services that can be supplied to supplement your existing resources.
Civil Projects & Building Design, construction and maintenance of physical and naturally built civil environments, including building, concreting, bricklaying, roofing, glazing, fencing, plastering, asphalting as well as trades completing fit outs and defits, demolitions and make-good works.
Facilities Management Comprehensive building and asset management, ongoing business operations budget management, P&L management, risk and compliance management, recruitment and HR services.
Mining Camp Management 10-200 man camp sites, building complexes, road networks, food and beverage facilities, laundry services, entertainment areas and services, gymnasium and exercise equipment, pool and spa, water treatment plants, evaporation ponds, sewer upgrades, machine and tools workshop, vehicle servicing, administration support, staff travel services, concierge services, cleaning services, security services, grounds maintenance and labour hire.
Coronavirus Sanitising In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak across Australia, Ozy Services' has created a dedicated Sanitising Squad to supplement our existing Cleaning Services we already offer. Ozy Services' professionally trained Sanitising Squad can travel to your site, with all equipment on board. We can act decisively and thoroughly to ensure all your hard surfaces are chemically wiped down and dried, your common areas are sprayed or fogged with antibacterial chemicals and you are left with peach of mind knowing that your employees are protected from lingering bacteria. Of course to continue your future workplace safety Ozy Services recommends an ongoing and long term program of sanitising be committed to