Heritage Building rennovation – HN Moree


Harvey Norman owns and manages the oldest known property, retail store and warehouse complex in Moree, upon the north west slopes region of NSW. As such, Harvey Norman are the responsible custodian of the local history, culture and aesthetics, through its ownership, design and restorative maintenance of its buildings and facades, situated within the heart of this famous country town.


In addition to internal commercial painting services, Ozy Services was briefed by Harvey Norman Property to professionally restore the crumbling façade of the 1904 heritage-listed building in the centre of Moree township. Then apply a durable paint to the exterior of the building that is tolerant to the extreme range of both freezing and boiling temperatures within a contemporary colour palette that has been approved by the Moree Plains Shire Council. Ozy Services was asked to reserve a special space upon the external wall which will be dedicated to an indigenous mural applied by the local Kamilaroi Aboriginal community.


Ozy Services successfully;

  • worked at heights to clean, scrape and repair the cracked and damaged render upon the external building façade, decorative domes, finials, horizontal string course mouldings, pilasters, parapet lettering, colonnades and walls
  • applied three coats of quality professional paint to a pre-approved colour scheme, highlighting each design feature
  • worked during the +40° summer heat and navigated the 200+ pigeons that roosted upon the façade and roof of this famous building
  • complied to the strict controls applied by the Heritage Covenant that was supervised daily by the Moree Plains Shire Council.

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